The mission of forensic medical experts in Nagorno-Karabakh

11.04.16On April 2, 2016 immediately after the ceasefire violation and Azerbaijani aggression, when the Azerbaijani side launched large-scale attacks along the contact line between Karabakh and Azerbaijan, the group of forensic medical experts from Scientific Practical Center of Forensic Medicine, headed by Director, Chief Forensic Medical Expert Mher Bisharyan left to Karabakh in order to organize, monitor, consult and perform forensic medical examinations and autopsies onsite.

From April 2 to April 11, Head of Medical Criminalistic Department  Vigen Adamyan, forensic medical experts Karen Gharibjanyan and Nelson Grigoryan  performed forensic medical examinations of soldiers, who has been wounded during the  battlefield along the line of contact and autopsies of soldiers killed in combat.

The group of forensic medical experts together with the representatives of law enforcement bodies and International  Committee of the Red Cross performed crime scene investigation and forensic medical examinations of returned  bodies of 18 Armenian soldiers killed in the course of the Azerbaijani aggression unleashed along the entire line of contact on April 2-5.